Tuesday, July 11

Well that was a decent session

Another relatively easy day at my main job, a bit more difficult than the day before but not bad at all. I was back by 2pm, and in a somewhat unusual move decided to go to the gym shortly afterward. While many people preach the virtues of morning exercise, indeed most gyms open at very early hours like 4am if they’re not 24-hour, that just doesn’t work for me. I prefer to exercise in the evenings, and despite what some morning advocates say it works fine for me. So going at around 3pm was a bit of a change for me.

A successful change, I might add. It was a quite satisfying session even though the flat benches were occupied and bench pressing wasn’t on the menu. I did some bodyweight dips as a substitute, 3 x 6, followed up by Hammer Strength shoulder presses, 5 x 8 x 80/80. Next came French presses, 5 x 8 x 40, and then pec deck flies, 4 x 8 x 140. I finished up the session with some various medicine ball exercises. All in all it went well, but the fact that I went a few hours earlier than usual does not mean that I’ve magically become an advocate for very early exercise. No thank you!

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