Monday, January 15

Sobering numbers

It was a moderately difficult day at my main job, with the start of a new 2-week work cycle, but with some people having the day off for Martin Luther King Day traffic was noticeably lighter than usual. Nice, but of course that won’t last.

After a very long time away from them I actually did squats at the gym. It’s been so long I had no idea what sort of numbers I had done the last time out, so to play it safe I started with just 135 pounds. The good news is that I did six reps with very good depth, the bad news is that it was much harder than I had anticipated. A very sobering experience. I did two more sets of six at 155, and decided not to push it any further. If there’s a takeaway lesson in all this, it is that squats are not a “natural” movement, in other words it takes a while to get back to any sort of meaningful numbers after a long time away. Guess I’ve got a lengthy quest ahead of me.

I also did some machine leg exercises: Cybex leg presses, 6 x 330, 3 x 6 x 290, and Cybex leg extensions, 4 x 6 x 150. After all of that I did some stretching work on the mat. And yes, leg presses aren’t remotely comparable to squats.

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