Friday, April 27

Return to deadlifting

[Note] After being so neglectful of this site for so long, my plan is to keep it going as a gym training log. My general ranting is at Facebook:
Thank you]

With a day off from both jobs today I decided that I’d better get back on the stick and do some deadlifting. It’s been way too long. It turned out to be a decent, reasonably pain-free session, very low numbers but after such a long time away that’s fine by me. I used the conventional stance, some people prefer the sumo stance but it’s always been awkward.

  • 4 x 185
  • 4 x 205
  • 2 x 225
  • 2 x 235
  • 2 x 245
  • 2 x 255
  • 2 x 265
  • 1 x 275

While doing the second rep at 255 I was still cruising along and had hopes of making it to 305. Unfortunately, the set at 265 suddenly got much harder, and getting the single at 275 was a struggle. Soon enough, I’m sure.

I did other back work, specifically seated cable rows (4 x 8 x 165), Hammer Strength high rows (6 x 6 x 90/90), and finally shrugs on a deadlift machine (4 x 8 x 270).



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