Wednesday, September 5

Only 35 pounds away

No gym on Tuesday, but Wednesday’s session went very well. Arriving a little before 4pm I had a bench-only session. Having reached 255 last time out I decided to go for 265 this time, and did fewer reps on the way up so I wouldn’t lose too much strength along the way: 2 x 135, 2 x 165, 2 x 185, 2 x 205, 2 x 225, 1 x 235, 1 x 245, 1 x 255, 1 x 265, 6 x 225, 4 x 4 x 225.

265 felt really good, I was almost tempted to go for 275 but decided that slow and steady wins the race, just like they taught you in elementary school. Now the Holy Grail (aka 300 pounds) is just 35 pounds away, which is a pleasant thought. Another thing I liked about this session is that I had a total of 28 reps at 225 or better, even considering that I did fewer reps on the way up to 265. Finally, except for the sixth rep on my drop set at 225, none of the reps were really difficult, and even that one was only a minor struggle. Hopefully that bodes well for my quest to get to 300.

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