Tuesday, September 11 – Sunday, September 30

I’d characterize my gym progress over these not-quite three weeks as generally satisfactory if not outstanding. My bench press maximum remains at the 265 I got in early September. I failed at 275, and for the last couple of weeks have done sub-maximal work. Once I’m more accustomed to doing multiple sets at 225 I might make another attempt at 275, and if I’m successful I’ll start a run for 300.
Most other exercises are going well. I’ve really gotten into a groove on one-arm dumbbell rows, now up to a 100-pounder, and dumbbell pullovers have become sort of my new favorite exercise. With the safety squat bar remaining unrepaired, and as I’m not willing to risk shoulder trouble by doing ordinary squats, I’m using mostly machines for legs, coupled with SLDL’s and (sub-maximal) trap bar deadlifts. Oh, and as for standing calf machine shrugs? I’ll have to try something else, as I’m at the machine’s maximum weight of 450 pounds 🙂

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