Saturday, July 13 – Friday, August 23

Incremental changes.

That’s probably the best term to describe my current approach to the gym. Looking back, for too long I was more or less content with staying at the same levels. Not that doing so is bad, not necessarily, but it’s a way to be complacent and see little or no progress. On the other hand, trying to increase things too much too fast can be counterproductive.

What I’ve been doing is making small increases. Incremental, to harken back to the post title. For instance, I do lying dumbbell pullovers every week, and over this time I’ve gone from using a 60-pound dumbbell to a 70-pounder. Ten pounds in two months is not what you’d call a rapid change, but it’s a steady increase and more to the point is sustainable. Sure, I could jump up to an 80-pound dumbbell, but my form would suffer and my motivation would be at risk. No one wants to handle maximum weights in every session.

I’ve made similar slow but steady progress in other exercises too. For instance, in neutral grip pull-ups I’ve gone from sets of four to an opening set of six followed by sets of five. I’d like to be able to knock off sets of ten, and I figure these slow increases are the best way of getting there even if there is not much in the line of immediate gratification.

All in all, I’m pleased with the way things are going. I’m not being complacent and haven’t plateaued on anything, not yet at least.

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