Monday, November 16 – Thursday, November 19

Winding down.

Falling leaves aren’t the only sign of late autumn. As the year enters its final stretch, my main job winds down too. These days featured a very easy work cycle, so easy that I was done within four to five hours each day. At least I still get paid for seven. After that brutally difficult cycle I had a few weeks ago this comes as an extreme relief. Not only were my workdays short, but they were pleasantly low pressure too.

After this week I’m off for Thanksgiving week, then back for two weeks that should also be very easy, and then off for three weeks. Regular cycles will return on January 4. While losing a total of four weeks work (and pay) is not my idea of fun, I can’t complain too much. It’s a known part of my job and an allowance for the time off is built into my salary. Besides,  I really could use the break.

I worked two shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, five hours on Monday and four on Wednesday. Monday was the tougher of the two, as I restocked the shelves after the busy weekend. Leaf blowers in particular were almost gone from the shelves, so I made endless trips up and down rolling ladders to bring them down from overhead storage.  Leaf blowers are sort of like cellphones: relatively recent contraptions, people once did just fine without them, aND now they’re absolutely vital.

I went to the gym on Tuesday and did some bench pressing: 6 x 135, 6 × 155, 6 × 185, 4 x 205, 3 x 225, 4 x 225, 3 × 225, 8 × 185. P

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Saturday, November 14 – Sunday, November 15

Not much to say about these days. Both were full 8-hour shifts at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, and both shifts were pretty easy. Mostly just waiting on customers, no special projects (yay!) I had hopes of going to the gym after work on Saturday, but naturally enough I didn’t go. After working a full MHIR shift it’s really hard to  muster up the energy for the gym. Though admittedly that lack of energy may be not entirely unrelated to weak motivation .

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Wednesday, November 11 – Friday, November 13

Plunging right back in

It should go without saying that I most assuredly did not get to ease back into my normal work routine after my trip to Florida. Instead I (involuntarily) plunged right back in, full speed ahead. I was very busy at my main job, having to play catch up on things I hadn’t been able to complete before the trip.  On Wednesday I had to stay almost until 3, a half hour past normal quitting time, even though I had skipped my morning break and taken only about 15 minutes for lunch.

Working until 3 was more of an annoyance than usual because I was scheduled for 5 until 10 at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. With only two hours between the two jobs it was almost like going straight from one to another. At least the lighter traffic on Veterans Day helped. As for the MHIR, the 5-hour shift seemed twice as long. It took an eternity for 10 to roll around. There was a decent customer flow, but with two other people working in garden until 9, it was not a busy shift. Hence it dragged.

Thursday wasn’t as bad. I was busy at my main job, but in a more controlled sense than the day before, and I wasn’t scheduled at the MHIR. I had been planning on going to the gym in the evening but other things came up.

Friday, at last, was my return to the gym. After doing nothing particularly productive during the day, it being my day off, I finally moseyed to the gym in the early evening. I started with one arm dumbbell rows, keeping it light due to my lack of practice: 5 × 8 ×  70/70. Next came (yes!) deadlifting,  albeit on a very small scale: 2 × 4 × 225. I  finished with barbell curls, 8 × 85, 8 × 95, 8 × 85, 8 × 95.

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Thursday, November 5 – Tuesday, November 10

It was a most appreciated break

After working so many hours every week it was a pleasant break to take a short trip to Florida. Now, while numerous quests to find the Fountain of Youth in the Sunshine State may have been unsuccessful, I found that having several consecutive days off from work really revived me both physically and mentally

My travels were noteworthy in that they involved multiple modes of transportation.  When I left on Thursday the stages were: 1) car to Medford station; 2) LIRR train to Jamaica station, with change at Ronkonkoma; 3) E train subway to Roosevelt Avenue; 4) Q70 express bus to LaGuardia Airport; 5) Delta Airlines to West Palm Beach; and 6) van shuttle to destination. My return trip was the same in reverse, the only difference being that I was picked up at Ronkonkoma instead of Medford. Oh, and there was no horribly smelling skell on the E train as there had been on the way down. Be thankful for small things

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Monday, November 2 – Wednesday, November 4

A blur

Monday was the sort of day that left me metaphorically battered. Remember what I’d written about having to do some catch up at my main job, due to all the incomplete stuff from the last cycle? That’s precisely what happened on Monday. I was absolutely swamped with work, staying almost an hour past my normal 2:30 quitting time despite having taken only a single break of ten minutes. When I finally finished I could scarcely enjoy the newfound leisure. No, I had to drive the 30 minutes to the Major Home Improvement Retailer for a 4:30 to 10 shift. Time was so scarce I barely had time for a fast food drive-thru. Thankfully the shift wasn’t too bad, and because of my trip it will be over a week until I’m back.

Tuesday and Wednesday were more ordinary. I had to stay about 30 minutes late at my main job each day, however I was able to take a normal lunch break. It makes quite a difference. With no MHIR shifts I was able to do other stuff in the evenings, and now it’s off to Florida.

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Thursday, October 29 – Sunday, November 1

I’m not sorry that week ended

Thursday was a JPR (just plain rotten) day at my main job. I finally finished this horrible work cycle … or did I?  Ha ha, joke’s on me. Because there was such a massive volume of work on this cycle I wasn’t able to finish it all. That means I’ll have to carry over much of it into the next cycle, which otherwise would have been a fairly easy one. Though it’s not too bad I suppose, as I’ll be taking a few days off for a quick trip Florida. Guess there’s not too much reason to complain.

Friday was a pretty much do-nothing day off, at least if you don’t count endless games of Doodle Jump. One thing I found out is that the “stats” category shows my playing history in almost unimaginable detail. Total number of games played (2,000+ !), total time spent playing, number of jumps made, on and on. Someone put a LOT of effort into that!

Saturday and Sunday were both workdays at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Eight hours on Saturday and seven on Sunday. They were very different, however. The store was dead on Saturday, presumably because of Halloween, but the “missing” customers returned with a vengeance on Sunday. What with staffing levels being about the same.each day I spent much on Saturday trying to look busy, while the next day i.was run ragged. And as I’ve noted before, being busy makes the day go extremely fast!

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Monday, October 26 – Wednesday, October 28

Working like crazy, with an interruption. 

Monday and Wednesday were very very tough days. It was Week Two of that ultra-hard cycle at my main job, and any faint hopes that the second week would be easier quickly vanished. Both days I worked almost nonstop from 7 to just about 3. Monday I took a break of about 15 minutes for lunch, Wednesday barely 10. Mere words cannot describe how bad this cycle has been. Thankfully the next one will be better, though I will be missing three days of it when I go to Florida.

As for the Major Home Improvement Retailer, I worked 4:30 to 8:30 on Monday and 4:30 to 9 on Wednesday. Neither shift had much in common with the other. Monday was fairly busy, though not in a bad way. There was a moderate amount of freight to handle, and being the only employee on duty in garden i waited on customers as well. And the store was unusually busy for a Monday.

Wednesday was completely the opposite. There was no freight, another employee was on duty in the department for most of my shift, and last but not least heavy rain kept most of the customers away. All of which meant that my shift absolutely dragged. Five hours that seemed more like ten. To say that I was ecstatic when my shift finally ended would be a huge understatement.

I didn’t mention Tuesday because it wasn’t like the other days. In fact I didn’t work at all, but instead made a quick trip into Manhattan. As usual, we parked at my secret spot in Queens and took the subway inton Manhattan. Among much else the trip featured a walk along the High Line, which I really enjoy. Traffic getting back was definitely no picnic, but I didn’t care because it totally beat working!

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Saturday, October 24 – Sunday, October 25

Two run of the mill, un-memoriable days at the Major Home Improvement Retailer. Saturday was a standard 8-hour shift, 9:15 to 5:45. As it was quite busy for the first half of the shift, time went by pretty fast. Standard customer service sort of work, and I noted with some bemusement  that the customers seemed to be in pretty good moods. Most of them I mean. There were a few who were less pleasant, but not many. I’d say it was people getting into the Christmas spirit, but it’s too early for that. Even if all the decorations and lighrs are on the shelves.

Sunday was easier in that I had a five and a half hour shift, 9:15 to 2:15.Strangely enough it seemed.longer than Saturday’s full shift. It’s probably because I was a lot less busy. Customer flow was about the same as the day before but there were more people on duty in the garden department.

Later on Sunday I booked a flight for a quick trip I have to make to Florida next month. Leaving on November 5 and returning the 10th. Amazingly, a round trip flight cost less than $300. That is a terrific deal, especially considering it’s on a full service airline (Delta) rather than a discount carrier.

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Wednesday, October 21 – Friday, October 23

Return to semi-normalcy

Work was a bit easier on Wednesday and Thursday than it had been earlier in the week. Not that it could have been much harder. This was quite fortunate, as I was physically quite weak and run down, especially on Thursday. I didn’t have to stay past normal quitting time at my main job, and was able to take my normal allotted break each day. Yes, I had to work very hard, but that was okay.

On Thursday I had a five-hour shift at the Major Home Improvement Retailer, 5 to 10. Given my rundown physical condition I was really worried that I’d have another “special project” like Monday’s horror show. Well.something was running in my favor, as all I had to do was my normal stuff. What a relief!

Friday was my day off, and I did some errands but nothing too taxing. Physically I was better but still.not nearly back to normal. I decided against going to the gym.

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Monday, October 19 – Tuesday, October 20

Ugh. Double ugh. Triple ugh.

Monday was an absolutely unequivocally wretched day. There’s no way to put an even remotely positive spin on it.

I was really dragging right from the start, with a sore throat and constantly aching muscles. As I headed into my main job I was hoping, really wishful thinking, that my expectations for a tough work cycle would be proven wrong. Maybe it would be tolerable.

My expectations were not wrong. I had a nearly overwhelming amount of work to get done. To finish it all I had to work almost nonstop from 7 to 3:15, taking only one break of less than ten minutes. About the only good thing is that I had no trouble getting the authorization for 45 overtime minutes.

My relief at getting out was short lived, as I had to be at the Major Home Improvement Retailer at 5. As I headed in I was hoping that my shift, which would last until 10, would be a decent one like the weekend shifts had been. Of course I was wrong. During the day the nursery had removed most of the plants in the outside garden area, and my assigned task was to break down the tables which had held the plants.

It was not remotely pleasant. Each of the several tables was about three feet wide and 12 feet long, comprised of long planks or heavy steel gratings resting on a base of concrete blocks. I had to remove the planks, which are both heavy and awkward, and put them in a pile to be banded. As for the concrete blocks, I had to arrange them in alternating patterns on pallets, which then I had to shrink

wrap. It was backbreaking work, and I could barely walk by the time the shift ended.

Tuesday was both worse and better than Monday had been. Worse, in that I was physically run down and in almost constant pain. I also had to stay an hour late at my main job as compared to 45 minutes on Monday. At least I got a full half hour break, and best of all I wasn’t on the schedule at the MHIR. It would have been a good opportunity to go to the gym, but physically there was just no way.

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